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Welcome to SUTRA LA (formerly Planet Chrisley). We protect Freedom of Speech here, however, if you really want to post NSFW content, it is encouraged to create a private or secret group out of public respect to all members and visitors. 

What can you do on SUTRA LA? A quick run down:

1. Video upload from your phone.

2. Multiple Photo upload.

3. Traditional YouTube and Article share that pulls in preview in post.

4. Post can be modified AFTER posting.

5. Adding topics make it searchable to anyone.

6. Posts can be post, question, poll, discussion, or a full blog entry.

7. Create public, private, secret group.

8. Feed has animated gif support.

9. Simple chat messenger has emoji support.

10. What's App and Telegram support.

11. Official SUTRA LA group support. 

12. Profile image and cover upload. (Video support coming)

13. Centralized hosting prevents janky, unstable experiences. (App Coming soon). 

14. 3 Navigation menus: 

A: The top link menu present on all pages links to EXTERNAL sites also owned by SUTRA LA parent company Imperial Alliance. 

B: The second navigation menu (present only on home page, shows list of topic categories and groups.

C: And finally the 3rd navigation menu (also on every page) displace 2 home buttons on left side. Right side has plus button to post from anywhere on the site with account menu beside it as last item. 

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